by 11H60



Machines are capable of expressing synthetic emotion. They can learn. They can teach. 11H60's self-titled debut shows that there's still a bit of heart left in machines, too. While there is certainly some mysterious, anonymous presence (read: producer) behind these fried and sprawling tones, this could be the sound of machines processing love the only way they know how. And while it's inherently inhuman, it's entirely sincere. A-side meditation "Lapin Démago" features unadulterated exploration of abstract textures, asymmetric  coincidences, and prolonged epiphanies. The piece slowly and organically forms its loose shape in bracken-like fronds of sound. Chords strobe into the air, flashing pointillistic suggestions of harmony and contrast. Those glorious resonances bounce off of one another like computer-generated patches, each one blooming in calculated charm. The B-side's "Cervidé" offers more optimistic, celebratory modes of computational glee. Looped snippets of sound cycle throughout one another in a kaleidoscope of epiphany-inducing noise. It seems the machines have plenty more to share. All we have to do is listen.


released December 30, 2016

11h60 is Christophe Bailleau and Didier Nietzsche. Artwork by Adam Meyer.



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